The construction of the pedestal and landscaping of the surrounding area with the building of the monumebt to honour Yesset Batyr in the city of Aktobe

Project designer: Aktyubgrazhdanproyekt Producing cooperative Design estimate documentation 3,4 mln. tg.

Location: Karatayev Street (in the are of the public garden)


Production and installation of the monument in size: length - 6.5m., width - 4.5m., height of the pedestal- 10.8m.

Lightening of the monument

Landscaping of the area of 1 ha

The cost of construction work for pedestal construction and landscaping of the area –  60 mln. tg.

Cost of monument production and installation – 70 mln. tg.

Totally: 130 mln. tg.


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