Kazakhstan political scientists: Aktyubinsk experience in implementation the ‘Tugan Zher’ program should be an example for other regions

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The well-known political scientists and bloggers visited the Aktobe region at the invitation of the akim of the region Berdybek Saparbayev.

Among them there are public figures, political scientists Dos Koshim, Aidos Sarym, political scientists Rasul Zhumaly, Esenjol Aliyarov, Turkologist Kulbek Yergobek, well-known bloggers Bella Orynbetova, Almas Tokabaev and others.

The guests got acquainted with the PPP projects - the construction of the Palace of schoolchildren, the House of Culture named after Zhubanovs, the Combat Palace, the regional museum of local lore, the Palace of Youth, as well as the construction of residential houses in the framework of the Nurly Zher program, the activities of the Center for Social Adaptation of Youth Meiirim.

In the second half of the day, there was a round table on: "The program" Tugan zher "- the basis of national patriotism", which was attended by political scientists, journalists, bloggers, deputies, veterans, members of the Public Council, political parties, non-governmental organizations.

- In the Program article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" the Head of State sets before us new large-scale tasks to modernize public consciousness. To fulfill the President's instructions, a regional commission was established, which included deputies, public figures, major sponsors, non-governmental organizations, political parties and journalists, and they developed an action plan for all areas.

From the beginning of the year, within the framework of the implementation "Tugan Zher" program, the action "Tugan zherge taizym!" is being held, involving well-known people from our region. We have good examples of how fellow countrymen help their small homeland. With the assistance of active citizens, businessmen, patrons of 445 projects at a cost of KZT 1,695 million, 204 have already been sold. It is the construction, reconstruction and equipping of social facilities with modern equipment, improvement of settlements, - akim of the region Berdybek Saparbayev said in the course of the meeting.

The president of the Association for Political Studies Esenjol Aliyarov noted that within two days a group of republican political scientists and experts had a good opportunity to get acquainted with the work that is being carried out in the region to fulfill the orders voiced by Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Program article.

- I want to note that we have learned a lot for ourselves. Indeed, great qualitative work is being carried out: projects are being implemented that are important for the education and upbringing of the younger generation, and conditions are created for the development of young people. The academy of creativity and the hockey module are built. I think that your experience should become an example for other regions, "Yesenjol Aliyarov stressed.

- Measures are being taken in the region to implement the ‘Tugan Zher’ program. The work is going on. Since yesterday, my colleagues and I were able to see this again. I think that in the near future Aktobe will become the 4th city in Kazakhstan, where own brands will be developed, - public figure and political scientist Aidos Sarym shared his opinion.

In conclusion, Berdybek Saparbayev noted that all proposals announced at the round table will be supported by local authorities.

- Today, there have been many good proposals concerning the study of settlements, the development of tourism, and the development of brands. We will support all proposals, the akim of the region concluded.


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