Prosperity of the northern earth!

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Oleg Gaidanov, the president of the "Aktobe community", the state counselor of justice.

- 26 years have passed since the great day when the flag of Independence waved high in Kazakhstan. With deep excitement and pride, today we can say that the Republic of Kazakhstan is really an independent state. Native countrymen of Kazakhstan, fellow countrymen are one of those who supported Kazakhstan in word and deed in the difficult years of its formation, worrying about the future of the Republic. Thanks to the initiative of the Aktobe people such as FSB general I. Laptev, cosmonaut, Hero of Russia and the commander of the star town Yu. Lonchakov, writer, honored art worker R. Mir-Khaidarov, E. Ryssova, T. Baklanov and G. Loria, an organization that has the status of the only official Regional Public Organization of Kazakhstan in Russia. Our initiative united in its ranks those who made a great contribution to the formation and development of Kazakhstan in the Soviet era. For fifteen years we have been in touch with the region's leadership and countrymen who are grateful for their support, as well as for their contribution to strengthening peace and friendship between Russia and Kazakhstan. I hope that our joint cooperation will continue in the future. It is gratifying to note that today's socio-economic base of the country rests on this powerful foundation, laid, among other things, by fellow countrymen from the Aktobe region. The Republican Forum "Tugan Zher" will bring together hundreds of well-known and successful people who come from the Aktobe region, who sincerely wish to prosper their native land on which they were born. Aktobe community of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Perm, Germany and Israel sincerely wishes Kazakhstan happiness, peace, prosperity and fulfillment of all noble plans. Let our cooperation become a time of good changes, joyous encounters and happy events and bring peace, tranquility and prosperity to every home!

The article was taken from the official website of the newspaper Aktyubinskiy Vestnik.


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