Looking forward to seeing Aktobe

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As it is known at the end of September Aktobe will host "Aktobe – Kutty Meken" forum where well-known people from Aktobe now living in different regions of the country and different parts of the world are invited. Today we give the floor to our famous countryman.

I am very glad that Aktobe residents invited me to a meeting of fellow-countrymen to the city of my childhood and youthfullness. Aktobe is my motherland, the city where I was born, went to school № 30, made my first steps in gymnastics. This city gave me start into an interesting life, and I am very grateful for this to the land of the Kazakhstan. I want to congratulate my countrymen on this great forum eforehand and I will try to participate in it. Aktobe has become a part of my heart, it is the homeland that none of those who grew up here will ever forget.

I am happy that Kazakhstan is developing dynamically. I look forward to seeing Aktobe, to see changes in the city, its new residential areas, river Ilek.

I wish all people from Aktobe, my fellow countrymen health, to hold forum successfully and want to invite Aktobe’s people who now live in other cities and countries to come to a meeting of fellow-countrymen in their hometown. 

Valeriy Liukin is two time Olympic champion in 1988 USA.

The article was taken from the official website of “Aktiubinskiy vestnik” newspaper. 

Link: http://avestnik.kz/?p=59652

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