Shamil Kaspranov, the head of the construction company ‘Nektar’ made a broad gesture.

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"Shamil Kaspranov, the head of the construction company ‘Nektar’, made a broad gesture.
In the month of Ramadan, he gave to alumna of alginsk orphan home Irina Kudrina an apartment and employed the girl in his own company. At the ceremonial delivery of the keys the girl could not stand it and cried. "I'm the only one raising a son. He is 3 years old. After 23 years, I could not stay in the youth home.
Especially with a child. I had to rent an apartment for 40 thousand tenge. Having learned about my distress, the businessman helped me - gave me an apartment and employed in his company. I am very grateful to him, "Irina Kudrina said.
It will be recalled that housing for graduates of orphanages is free of charge by law. However, it is not enough.
From 2006 to 2016, 330 apartments for orphans and those without parental care were allocated in the region. Last year, 66 more people received housing. However, more than 3,000 homeless youth are in the queue today.

The real support was the opening of a social home, where graduates of orphanages can live up to 29 years.
This house is also built on the sponsorship of the charitable foundation "Sabi". 88 people can live there.
The akim of the Aktubinsk region Berdybek Saparbayev urged other entrepreneurs to follow the example and make a noble act - to help the orphanages to find housing and work.
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