There will be implemented 508 projects within the framework of the President's program "Tugan zher" in the Aktyubinsk region

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In the Aktyubinsk region, with the participation of entrepreneurs they discussed the implementation of the President's program "Tugan zher" within the framework which will be implemented more than 500 projects worth 11.6 billion tenge
The leadership of the region and well-known people from the Aktyubinsk region, who achieved great success in politics, business in Kazakhstan and abroad, came to this agreement during the forum "Aktobe-kutty meken", which took place within the framework of preparation for the forum "Tugan Zher", planned in the region for September 2017.
Within the framework of the forum akim of the region Berdybek Saparbayev met with well-known fellow countrymen, having discussed with them issues related to the execution of the instructions of the Head of State N. Nazarbayev for the implementation of the program "Tugan zher".
In Aktobe Prof. Zhaksylyk Doskaliyev, Executive Director of "Aktobe community" Sergey Vorobiev, founder and general director of "Altyn Kuran" group of companies Islambek Salzhanov and more than 80 well-known people from the region arrived to participate in the event.

In the first half of the day the guests got acquainted with the investment potential of the region, as well as the construction of residential houses under the program "Nurly zher", the activities of the Hockey Module. In addition, he presented projects implemented in Aktobe within the framework of public-private partnership: the construction of the Marriage Palace, the youth, the ophthalmology center, the ambulance station, the regional museum of local lore, and others.

- In his article, the President of the country noted that the "Tugan Zher" program will become one of the real grounds for our nationwide patriotism. Patriotism begins with the love of your land. In our area in this direction, a certain work is being done, which is actively supported by entrepreneurs of the region, well-known people. Today we have gathered you to discuss the prospects for cooperation in the implementation of the program and to present investment projects that need your support, Berdybek Saparbayev noted.
- Not so long ago there was a congress of all compatriots in the Embassy of the Republic of
Kazakhstan to Moscow. In the course of the congress, the idea arose to unite all the communities in one. They want to unite to help, educate, and share their experience with a small homeland. Because they all left from here, and today they are doctors of sciences, rectors of major universities, directors of enterprises and companies, "executive director of Aktobe community in Moscow Sergey Vorobyov said.
In his speech, Shamil Kaspranov, one of the region's largest entrepreneurs, head of the Nektar PC, called on fellow countrymen to take an active part in the action.
- The region pays special attention to the implementation of the action "Tugan zher". No wonder they say: the debt is red by the payment. Every citizen, whether a businessman or a simple person, should invest their energy to make his native city better and more beautiful. Our company besides residential houses is engaged in the construction of social facilities.

In the current year, we plan to put into operation the Combat Palace of 6 thousand square meters. In my native village oTamdy this year, as a gift to the villagers, we will begin the construction of the Culture House. We are doing charity work: two PC workers, whose houses were destroyed as a result of flood, received 2-room apartments, at the request of the akim of the region they allocated an apartment for the orphanage children. As far as possible, we contribute our tangible contribution to the development of our region, to which I also call you, "Shamil Kaspranov addressed the forum participants.

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