May 25, 2017 in the school-gymnasium number 17 was the holiday of the Last Bell

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May 25, 2017 in the school-gymnasium number 17 was the holiday of the Last Bell. 106 eleventh-graders, together with their class teachers, became the main culprits of the celebration. The holiday began with the solemn entrance of graduates to the festive square, the carrying out of the State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the execution of the State Hymn of the RK. The secretary of the regional maslikhat Saniya Musaevna Kaldygulova and acting head of the apparatus of akim of Aktobe Zina Zhuman Zhusipuly were the guests of the holiday, who was given a congratulatory word.

A lot of good parting words sounded to the perpetrators of the celebration. The main wishes of the graduates are to successfully pass the examinations for the final certification, choose the right profession, do not forget the native school, their teachers, take care of parents, and keep in touch with each other. Touching were the performances of first-graders and parents.

With a response word, the graduates made a speech, thanking not only for the excellent training, but also for the warm, sensitive attitude to them for all eleven years and performed the song. By tradition, the school graduates gave the Key of Knowledge to the tenth grade. Then, in the school waltz, twenty pairs of graduates began to circle, which filled the entire school area.

Graduates of the school danced flash mob, on which, after making a wish, they launched balls into the sky. The right to give the last bell was granted to the excellent students of the graduates and first-graders.
The holiday ended with the launch of balls by class teachers and pupils in commemoration of the Last Bell and school years, after which the graduates were held for the last lesson. The Last Bell holiday was held at the proper level.


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