Interview with the secretary of the regional maslikhat Saniya Kaldygulova on the occasion of the Aktobe regional forum "Atybe-құtty meken" within the framework of the republican action "Tugan zherge-tazym"

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Patriotism begins with the love to his land, his aul, city, region, with love of a small homeland.
The President of the country said that "Attitude to the native land, its culture, customs and traditions is the most important feature of patriotism."

In the framework of the implementation of the republican action "Tugan zherge - tazym" by the region akim Saparbaev, BM. was made a decision to hold in September 2017 in the Aktobe region the Forum "Atybe-құtty meken".

The composition of the organizing committee was approved. There are 37 people. The composition of the organizing committee included well-known public figures, workers of culture, education, business and enterprises, honorary citizens of the region, akims of the districts and Aktobe, etc. The working authority of the organizing committee determines the management of the internal policy of the region.

Also, the organizing committees have been set up in the regions of our region, the organizers are the akims of the districts.
The first meeting of the organizing committee was held with the participation of Saparbayev B.M. akim of the region, on which the duties were distributed among the members of the organizing committee. I was elected chairman of the organizing committee, the Plan of priority measures for the preparation and holding of the Forum was approved.

The main goal of the Forum is to involve well-known people, successful entrepreneurs of the region to participate in the social development of the settlements of the region, bringing up patriotism and civic duty to the small homeland.
The Little Homeland is the place where you were born and raised, and at times lived your life.
The tasks that the forum faces: first of all, it is the support and further development of the infrastructure of settlements; realization of socially significant projects in the spheres of education, health, culture, sport, and municipal services. It is the encouragement of all forms of charity, sponsorship, patronage. And of course this is the education of patriotism.

 Participants of our Forum will be successful people:
      1)people of art, culture, health, education, science, other spheres;
      2) representatives of business structures, entrepreneurs, heads of peasant farms;
      3) graduates of schools;
      4) inhabitants of settlements.

The work of our organizing committee is divided into several areas. First of all, this is an organizational preparatory work.

Within the framework of this work: akims of the districts and Aktobe city prepare and form lists of well-known fellow countrymen.

At present, a database of 321 people has been compiled, with full personal data.
Aktobe's land is rich in famous people of our time.

These are living human fates, different, bright and happy. They are people of different ages, different nationalities, who have achieved success. Among them: Chairman of the Board of JSC "National Center of Neurosurgery" - Akshulakov S.K., Head of the Republican Transplant Center - Doskaliev Zh.A., Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Professor, famous lawyer who lives in Moscow and heads "Aktobe community" - Gaidanov O.I., Hero of Russia, pilot cosmonaut - Lonchakov Yu.V., Olympic champion in gymnastics, who currently lives in the US and is the coach of the US national team - V.Lukin, Kazakhstan volleyball player Altynbekova S.A. , well known entrepreneurs Salzhanov I.T. and Majtekov K.A., and of course our pride Kudaibergen Dimash and many, many others.

The website "Аkтobе zherlesterin shakurady" starts to work, where you can get all the necessary information on the Forum.

The Department of Tourism and External Relations work with 10 embassies of countries (China, USA, England, Germany, etc.), addressed the region akim that the Forum will be held and we invite our fellow countrymen.
I take this opportunity, I ask all the fellow countrymen to respond, and we are all waiting for them in our native Aktobe land.

The second direction of this forum is the formation of a list of socially significant projects and familiarization of famous people with their implementation.

In the course of the forum, memorandums will be signed.

Also during this period, objects of state-private partnership will be commissioned (this is the Academy of Creativity, the Palace of Youth, the Regional Historical and Local History Museum, the Palace of Single Combat and many other objects).

Heads of departments and akims of districts, deputy akims of the region prepare a list of investment projects, events, master classes, round tables, meetings, etc.

One of the directions is the preparation for the publication of the encyclopedia "Atybe-құtty meken". An editorial board was created, headed by R.Otynshin R.K. - Director of LLP "Shamshyra".
A catalog-directory on the branches "Famous fellow countrymen" will be prepared.

The work is on the preparation and shooting of a documentary film about the Aktyubinsk region, this year our region is 85 years old.

Of course, in the course of the preparation of the forum, we are working on the content of the Forum - first of all: the Plan of Forum's information support, the preparation and approval of the Forum logo, as well as the concept of souvenirs and printed products, visual agitation, and the plan for the design of the city and districts.
There is a lot of work on the preparation and approval of the excursion and leisure program. Preparation of individual routes, guides - guides, sightseeing buses.

Preparations are under way for the performance of the theatrical performance "Atybe-құtty meken" with the participation of Kazakhstan stars - natives of the Aktobe region, a sports festival - the Festival of Sports and much more.

I think that we will constantly inform the residents of our region about what is being done in preparation for this Forum.
 We are waiting from the Forum:
- the formation of patriotism and love for the small homeland;
- attraction of investments into the social development of the region;
- construction of new social facilities;
- development of infrastructure of settlements of the region;
- improving the quality of people's lives.

Preparing for the Forum, holding it, and I am sure that it is necessary to carry out this work all the time, it is necessary to show how many outstanding, well-known contemporaries who have achieved success, they should become a model for imitation, for an objective view of life, who with their mind, Talent has achieved success, this is our fund of the Aktobe region.


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