Aktobe family, who suffered from spring floods get an apartment from the Wilsky district

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Today, in the building of the city akimat, the keys were handed over from the 3-room apartment on Patolicheva Street, 47 large-numbered Aktubinsk family Erzhanov Shegenbay Burkitbaevich, who suffered from the spring flood. A family of 10 people lived in Makhambetovka district, Novostroyka Street, their house is not subject to exploitation.

One deputy Akim of Aktobe, Zhandos Bairkhanov, Akul of the Uilsk district Bulbul Kuzembaev, secretary of the city maslikhat S. Shintasov, etc. took part in the event.

Handing over the keys, akim of the Wilsky district Bulbul Kuzembaeva noted that carrying out the the akim of the region instruction, the districts actively involved in the work to help Aktubinsk residents affected by the spring flood. The apartment was purchased by a deputy of the region maslikhat from the Wilsky district by the director of LLP "Anvar" Talgat Salfikov for a family that suffered from high water.
Sh. Erzhanov and his family members expressed their gratitude.

In conclusion, 1 deputy Akim of Aktobe, Zhandos Bairkhanov, briefly informed of the assistance rendered to the flood victims and noted that no one remains without support and attention.


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