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- I am sincerely glad that favourable transformations have been taking place in our region. I believe that the forthcoming International Forum called “Aktobe – kutty meken!” in the framework of celebration of the 85th anniversary of the region will give new opportunities. Of course as a graduate of the Aktobe Medical Institute and a former chancellor of this higher educational institution keep in touch with the local board of health and consult my colleagues from the city.

Frankly speaking, when I received the invitation from my countrymen, I was a little surprised such attention of the region leaders. I’ll certainly participate in Forum, but before this highly qualified specialists of the Institute of cardiology and Internal Diseases will be there from 18 till 20 September. For several days they will hold several master-classes in their field and examine the patients.

Salim Berkimbayev, a cardiologist of higher category, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, Honoured Science Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases, the President of the Association of Cardiologists of Kazakhstan.

The article was taken from the official website of the newspaper “Aktyubinskiy vestnik”

Link: http://avestnik.kz/?p=59984

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